Development of data mining systems using Java EE 6 technology

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Information technology has been developing rapidly over the past decades, which resulted in a decrease of hardware prices, which means a cut in that of storage capacity as well. It made it possible to use IT in fields where it had been impossible before, as well as the storing of our data in databases. It did not mean, however, that relevant information could be produced easily based on the often vast datasets.

Data mining is supposed to ease this problem, which aims to make the desired information aquirable with the help of mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence.

In my thesis I introduce the development steps of a software, which is developed for the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service as part of a complex system. Its goal is to fulfill the data queries of the users. The program is named 'Jelentésgenerátor' (Reportgenerator) as it is the main source of obtaining information. As the queries can come from any modules, the aim is to implement a solution that is accessible from any system modules of the software. Another crucial criterium is to provide an easy-to-use, editable interface for unique queries, without the need of deeper SQL knowledge. The display module must support the illustration of data via diagrams and the easy restructurization of results. The Reportgenerator must be integrated with the previously developed authentication portal, which is responsible for the authorization inside NPHMOS (ÁNTSZ).

The development of the system starts by taking the criteria above into account and cooperating strongly with the client. As platform independence is a main priority, it is implemented in Java.


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