Application of data mining algorithms to the field of PLM Recipe Development

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I introduce the design and the implementation process of an SAP Fiori application in PLM Recipe Development, which can help the work of the Formulator with data mining techniques.

For the preparation of my task, I have to study the Product Lifycycle Management software product, the Recipe Development package as part of it and the objects of Recipe Development: the specification and the recipe, and the procedure of Recipe Development. In addition, I have to know data mining and its algorithms that can be used to implement the solution. After the explanation of necessary business knowledge i'm going to introduce the applied technologies to the reader. These include a description of the S4/HANA product, the analytics architechture used in the product, the R programming language and the framework which can be used to implement data mining algorithms. After this i’m introduce the design phase of the application then I will explain the development environment and i give a step-by-step guide which helps to make the necessary setting. When the development environment is ready i’m going to introduce the implementation of fiori application according to technology layers. Finally i explain how the calculation works. I give an insight to the implemented framework and i write about the used clustering algorithms. After the implementation parts I’m going to intruduce the testing with its aspects and I close my thesis with the improvent options.


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