Investigation of data mining algorithms for hierarchical classifications

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

People often use hierarchies, most of the time when they would like to find things efficiently in a large data set. It is the same with the patents, where the huge amount of data divided into different logical groups. This classification to groups requires a lot of time because the lot of consideration. People have been trying to speed up this process with computer programs.

The computer programs – which made to do this text classification processes, – analyzes the texts and process them with statistical and mathematical way. I will describe this process with a text classification algorithm.

The text classification schemes currently used are generally categorized only one logic level. In my dissertation I examine computer text classification method what is walking through on the patent classification hierarchy and compare the achieved results with the traditional single-level text classification.

Can be known or hidden logical relationships between certain elements of the hierarchy. These mapping and utilization can increase the accuracy of the categorization. In my thesis I will present a method for this, and also appreciate its effectiveness.


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