Database Auditing

OData support
Kardkovács Zsolt Tivadar
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The role of IT infrastructure in our life is more and more decisive. The possibilities granted by IT make daily activities easier; we do almost everything electronically, from office administration to bank transaction management at home.

The comfort comes with a price, however. Users are more vulnerable to various IT-related harms done intentionally or unintentionally. The integrity damage, loss or theft of data can cause serious material and ethical loss. A certain dependence on IT systems has evolved, and this fact has increased the role of IT security and IT audit.

In my Thesis, I examine one of the most important tool of support and supervision, the auditing, more specifically, database auditing. In the first part of my paper, I analyze the guidelines of audit and its role in IT security. The national and international regulations and facts which make database audit necessary will be introduced. I pan out about instruments technology puts at the auditors' disposal, with which they can effectively support the security of systems.

In the second part of the paper, I sketch in the structure of database audit systems, and I audit the database of an existing IT system. After the overview of the system, the audition process can be followed from the start to the end. Through the market leader application Oracle Audit Vault, I present the structure and usage of the newest generation of audit systems. Throughout the Thesis, I give special attention to differentiating between audit and simple monitoring; therefore I accentually deal with the topic of automatic alarms.


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