Database Replication Solutions for Mobile Devices

OData support
Kovács Ferenc
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of this thesis is to explore the opportunities of database replication technologies on mobile platforms with the help of a case study. For this goal, first I’m defining of the database replication, and enlisting a few existing solutions for mobile platforms.

A fast review about solutions on larger platforms like pc from larger companies like Microsoft, Google, etc. After that, I’ll show some of the major problems of replication. In particular the issues and complications of primary key generation, and a few possible algorithm to resolve conflicts.

The SQL Anywhere synchronization and Mobilink technology will be introduced, and a few solutions for the previously demonstrated problems implemented by Sybase will be described. First in a technical analysis, then on the LeadSystem SFA product.

The SymmetricDS program from JumpMind Inc. will also be demonstrated first like a technology, second pros and cons compared to Mobilink. The Sales Force Automatization systems will be described briefly, then the LeadSystem SFA system will be demonstrated and it’s synchronization technique will be analysed both from technical and design side deeply. Finally, an attempt will be made to change the current Mobilink technology in the SFA’s synchronization into a SymmetricDS solution

The thesis is written completely in Hungarian, except this abstract.


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