Development of Education Software for the Topic of Physical Database Organization

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The professors of the database courses would have given a practicing software for the students. This thesis describes the software's design and execution, precisely it describes the system architecture and the physical data ordering component execution. In my thesis I wrote the specification and the architecture design for this software, after it I dealt with the physical data ordering theme. For this theme I made a component, which helps training the students with various examples. The physical data ordering component executing has many different steps, design and implementation. After all I tested the completed software.

The aim of this software is to give a lot of supplementary exercises besides the classroom and practicing materials. Through these exercises students can practice exercises for learning problems, algorithms, formulas of themes. The physical data ordering component has many examples, which are similar to courses notes and exercises with generalized datas and long solution.


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