Development of Education Software for the Topic of Logical Database Design

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The material of the Databases course, which is a compulsory subject for computer engineering BA students, contains several algorithms. A significant number of students deal with problems learning these and have difficulties obtaining a deep knowledge of the subject’s content. The lecturers teaching Databases thus, decided to develop an educational software, which gives the students the opportunity of practicing the algorithms. The subject of my thesis is the development of an educational software component for one of the most important and complex topics of the subject, namely logical database design. The software is capable of generating a large number of exercises randomly and solving them. The user is given two opportunities by the software. The software either presents the final result of the actual exercise which the user can compare to their own result, or in case the user has problems solving the exercise, it is possible to ask the software to help. In this case the software leads the user to the solution of the exercise step by step. Thanks to this feature the students can get feedback about their sub-results, while solving the exercise. The lecturers of the subject expect the software to efficiently support the education of Databases and the progression of the students.


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