Data scince solutions in the Hungarian public bike sharing system

OData support
Nagy István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

As in big cities of the world similarly in Budapest was established bike sharing system operated by the city. With the help of BUBI we can take part in traffic cheap at the price, fast, bypass the traffic jam frequent in big cities, while to use the services of BUBI in the company of friends can be a great pastime. Writing of this extended essay made possible that the Budapest’s Center of Transport maintaining and operating the Budapest’s bike system and the Institute of Computer Technology and Automatization – in the framework of a data minig contest – made available some months’ traffic data of the system. The maintainer does everything possible now in order that people can find at the stations of BUBI enough free bicycle and vacant places for the arriving bicycles, however as every system this system similarly can be developed and optimized. I have set myself the task to develop a solution for the BUBI, applicable reducing the maintenance cost of the system, besides the quality of service does not fall in level. In my essay I present and test on real traffic data of BUBI a model, which can initiate users through a mobile application in redistribution of bicycles – while they are using the system. The aim of this reducing the maintenance cost and increasing the quality of service. The user over mobile phone gets a notification about an alternative station, which on the one hand is near his original destination, and on the other hand there is not enough bicycle at that station. The system gives notification to the user too, if the original destination is supersaturated, so it is not possible to put the bicycle at planned station. In addition to present the model, I also mention of its introduction, and other components necessary to real operation. As can be seen in what follows, the model can reduce operator’s work in large measure, and in this way can reduce fuel cost, thus reduce the maintenance cost of the whole system. In properly adjusted case this solution can also increase the quality of service.


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