Data Analysis with Microsoft Data Warehousing Tools

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, our world and business life is becoming more and more information and data oriented, furthermore companies generate a huge amount of data, so it is an important task to support the development of the field of data industry. Several methodologies and tools have been developed to fasten data processing and to support decision making like data warehousing which has become a popular area in IT development to support Business Intelligence.

Within my thesis work I design and develop such a data warehouse storing real-life data about the weather of cities of Hungarian counties and capitals of European countries provided by three sources:, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground. During the project I describe the process from finding and understanding the data sources satisfying business needs through specifying reports to be created from them to designing a data structure based on the report specifications.

The data collection is accomplished by Extract, Transform and Load processes created in SQL Server Integration Services packages provided by Microsoft’s SQL Server Data Tools. Such packages are created to build up a three-layered data warehouse with Input Area, Staging Area and Detailed Storage layers. The latter one feeds the four reports I created in SQL Server Reporting Services packages. With the help of these reports the reliability of the three data sources can be compared.


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