Data source independent web based dashboard

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the past decades the internet has spread quickly and the people are becoming expert users and developers. During planning my thesis I examined what kind of applications, which are similar to my thesis, can be found on the market. After the detailed investigation of their advantages and disadvantages, on the basis of the gained experience I specified, planned and implemented a web based dashboard system with which the users can create an interactive front-end that is able to display different data from different data sources and its appearance and order can be personalized to full extent.

In the first chapter I discuss the growing market needs for the appearance of the web pages caused by their increasing number as well as the growing expectations of internet users to the online front-end personalization.

The second chapter describes in detail the web technologies intended to be used in the implementation. I explain their advantages, usages, structures and syntaxes. I display the correlations among the different technologies and the reasons why these were chosen to my program.

In the third chapter I give a detailed outline on the web based dashboard applications which already can be found on the market in particular focusing on their appearance, usability, personalization and their further advantages and probable disadvantages. At the end of the chapter I sum up my own experiences regarding to each products in a table.

The fourth chapter specifies my web based dashboard application then in the fifth chapter I present the plan made on its bases in particular focusing on each module and their links and working mechanisms. I introduce the implementation procedure in the sixth chapter and later in the last chapters I deal with the test results of the completed application and its usages.


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