Data acquisition and processing using TP1000 microcomputer

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology


It is indispensable to measure the important parameters of the industrial processes so as to control the processes. Data acquisition systems are used to carry out this, which sample the quantities to be measured and store the data in the memory. Nowadays these systems have to suit important requirements, such as trustiness, easy-control by the users and have other functions aside the data storing. Such functions are the signal processing, visualizing the measured data or accessing to the stored data through various communication ports. At the Budapest University of Economics and Technology Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology data acquisition systems have been developed for ages. I deal with the development of a data acquisition system in my thesis. The purpose is to design a control unit with the TP1000 microcomputer unit for the existing measure cards of the UNICAL system.


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