Data processing techniques in distrubuted systems

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Cyber Physical Systems are IT systems that interact with the physical environment to perform a variety of tasks. Typically, they observe their environment through sensors and influence the functioning of the physical world through interveners. Cyber-physical systems often perform critical tasks, for example in power plants, cars or factories. Today's critical cyber-physical systems are typically distributed. Designing and operating these critical systems is a complex task that the traditional toolkit is not always sufficient. Frequent real-time requirements or high extrafunctional requirements often require proper planning and system components.

In my diploma work, I present the process of designing and preparing a demonstrator sample system that I have produced, which illustrates the data collection, data visualization and intervention tasks of a critical area. During the presentation of the sample system, I will address the requirements of the demonstrator system, the design of the communication and software architecture, and the data analysis and intervention components. After describing the design process, I present the model of the system and finally describe the process of implementing the planned and modeled system in detail.


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