Data acquisition and reporting on WinCC Flexible platform

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In various manufacturing processes logging, analysis and reporting of process data and production parameters is of paramount importance. As graphical terminals with rich visualization capabilities have become a common form of human-machine interface, the need for presenting these reports to field operators has arisen.

This thesis presents the development of a module consisting of data logging and reporting applications which can be integrated to existing HMI projects without severe modifications. The flexible module realized on WinCC platform can be easily parametrized to meet various user requirements. Compared to native WinCC solutions, the data logger module provides higher flexibility allowing dynamic, run-time configuration of the process data set stored in a remote SQL database.

The module also presents reports prepared and generated on remote servers to operators in a clear and easy-to-understand format, allowing the use of charts and other data visualization techniques. Dynamic reporting services ensure users will be displayed up-to-date reports in case of system failures, product or shift changes. Capabilities of the module are illustrated by the improvement of an existing pharmaceutical HMI application by integrating data logging and reporting features.


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