Data collection and visualization in an Industry 4.0 demonstrator system

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays digitalization is present at almost every fields of life. The small electronic devices are all around us, from the cellphones in our pockets to the cyber-physical systems that control airplanes. These devices communicating with each other and the users through a network create the Internet of Things (IoT). The fourth industrial revolution, or the so called Industry 4.0 is one key field of the IoT.

One of the fundamental ideas behind Industry 4.0 is to monitor and collect data from the used devices and equipment. This may generate huge amounts of data, which can easily become uninterpretable in a short time. To avoid this, we can use an important component of these Industry 4.0 systems, visualization. After analyzing and processing data we can use visualization to provide relevant information for the users that can help optimize the manufacturing process.

In this thesis my goal was to create a visualization dashboard for a demonstrator system that was made to be presented for small and medium enterprises.


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