Design of a data acquisition module for measuring automotive sensors

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

Electric Power Steering are integral part of today's modern vehicles. Designing these safety critical systems is a major challenge for design engineers. A large number of standards shall be taken into consideration not only during design, but through the whole development process.

An electic steering system is a complex system, which consists of many components, so component level testing is already recommended during prototyping. Individual components, such as rotor position sensor, torque sensor unit and related parts need component level testing. With the evaluation of components measurements we are able to choose the best component, which corresponds to the specification requirements.

In my thesis I present the development of a data acquisition board, which supports component level testing for sensors of the steering system in vehicles. The data acquisition board is microcontroller-based and it supports reading the connected sensor’s analog or digital signals and forwarding them to a computer for further processing.


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