Data Collection System for the Android Operating System

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


The capability of integrating high performance microcontrollers, sensors, and touchscreens into cell phones took User Experience to a new level, what leaded to the world-wide spread of smartphones. Utilizing these hardware modules combined with virtual sensors provided by the Linux based Anrdoid OS can clear the way to a whole new field of mobile device usage. Perodical data collection not only helps us to get information about cell phone hardware and software conditions, but it provides knowledge of user habits and living conditions. By using a well designed server side processing unit, this amount of information can be used in various medical and business applications. The aim of this work is to design and implement a monitoring software, that obtains information at periodic intervals from every available hardware and vitrual sensors of the device, and uploads these data amounts to a user given server. Implementation of the server side data processing unit is out of the view of this paper.


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