Implementing a Data Collector Application for E-Commerce Support

OData support
Dr. Juhász Sándor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s Webshops retailers are provided with various tools helping them to track their visitors and analyze customer behavior. These tools bring the retailers and customers closer together than in brick-and-mortal stores.

If we were to track the physical location of smartphones entering the retail space, we could generate visitor data just like in the case of Webshops. But, in order to fully understand the customers, the tracking data has to be connected with the store’s sale database.

The subject of my thesis is to implement a data extraction system, which collects the sale data from the point-of-sale software and stores it in a dedicated data warehouse.

In the following chapters, I will present the architecture of the data extraction system, the methodology used to adapt to a multitude of point-of-sale software and the solutions used to build a data link to remote systems. Finally, I will attempt to estimate the limitations of the systems, namely the maximum number of stores it is able to serve simultaneously.


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