Redesign of the Data Migration Process in the SAP HR Hungarian Localization

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my paper, I have redesigned the existing migration processes in the Hungarian localization of SAP HR. My aim was to develop a working prototype.

In chapter 2, I have briefly explained the basic concepts of SAP HR. I have also demonstrated the significance of the existing migration process and have listed the migration tools currently at hand. At the end of the chapter, I have explained what the shortcomings of the current processes are.

In chapter 3, I have explained those critical decisions that I had to make and that will determine any further steps in the design process. The most important of these decisions was defining a simple script language to give flexibility to the process.

In chapter 4, I have specified the requirements that the solution has to meet.

In chapter 5, I have designed the type of the variable as well as the interfaces and the classes that the script is going to use.

In chapter 6, I have briefly summarized the tasks that I have performed during the implementation.

In chapter 7, I have prepared a simple script for testing purposes.

Since the solution that I have developed is a prototype, it has not been shipped to the customers. However, the lessons learned during the design process may aid any future redesign of the standard processes.


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