Data-oriented decision support for the industry

OData support
Dr. Gajdos Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Since the 1970s due to the fast evolution of information technology it has become possible to create decision support systems able to satisfy most analytic needs. One important element that made decision support systems possible, was data warehousing technology. These systems are able to manage huge data sets and produce various analytic reports. In the early years of data warehousing – mostly because of the expensive technology – only a few select fields (e.g sales) could be supported by data warehouses. Later, as the technology has become cheaper, data warehousing has been used in many areas. Nevertheless, to design an actual usable data warehouse for an unknown professional field - based on very insufficient- or no requirements at all -, it is essential, that the executive IT expert acquires detailed knowledge of the main concepts and processes, as well as of the actual IT support of the corresponding field. The practice is requiring the data warehouse designer to spend more time consulting with field experts, and less designing the warehouses’ data structures.

Throughout my thesis process I have become familiar with the methodologies and practices of data warehouse design, as well as getting to process a completely unknown industrial field. Two distinct parts of the theoretical background were combined in the practice: I designed and – with the oracle warehouse builder – created the data warehouse basics for the processed industrial field.


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