Designing and developing data mart system

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The economic role of data is becoming increasingly important in our dynamically developing society. In order to handle and process this large amount of valuable data properly, a decentralized platform needs to be created.

Data exchange between two parties raises a lot of IT, security, economic and legal issues. The goal is to create a data market where all individuals and industrial company can share their data for economic compensation. Furthermore, a service called Smart Campus needs to be created, where students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics can share their data in exchange of various intelligent services.

I will present the detailed plans of the data broker and the Smart Campus service. The choice of technologies was driven by maximizing the scalability and maintainability. Designing a complete data market is a long and complicated task. My goal was to create and present a working prototype. The Smart Campus will officially launch next year (2019) in February, so I have had created a simple graphical demo interface to illustrate the behavior of the data market.

The implemented data broker is capable of the future integration of the Smart Campus services. The Smart Campus plans have been completed and the server-side components are functional. Before releasing the full system, legal advices have to be taken into consideration as well as to improve the current transaction model.


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