Development of data storage framework to facilitate the remote monitoring and assessment of an electric motor

OData support
Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In present-days we can easily find different sensors in our life. These sensors provide significant quantities of data. These data need to be stored in an easily accessible way, in a database for example. It is also important to gain information out of the stored data. This new information can give us a lot of knowledge starting with the health of system through its optimal workload. It is also important to visualise the system signals to find correlation between them.

In my thesis I create a data processing and data visualisation system, in order to gather information from the raw log files. In my thesis I search for the most appropriate database solution, by inspecting several database management solutions. In my thesis I give a detailed review of the two main line of the databases. After selecting the applicable database, my task is to design a suitable database schema, considering the advantages of the selected database. The database will be populated from different types of log files. To read, clean the raw data, and to suit to the appropriate format, I create a parsing program. To visualise the stored data, a thin-client application is created, which makes the examination of different system signals easy. To evaluate the performance of the engine I create an analytical module. In this module the results of the new run are compared to the older runs looking for possible faults. This analytical module is integrated in the thin-client application.


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