The development of a datawarehouse system based on SAP Business Objects

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The fast and accurate handling of large amount of data is very important, especially at a telecommunication company. However, it is not enough; the collected information must be shown in an easily understood format which helps making responsible decisions. During my work I use SAP Business Object programs; I do data visualization with these tools. It is therefore important to me to know well not only the potential of these programs, but also the shortcomings and extension possibilities too.

In a real project a problem has encountered that two large systems could not connect directly because of the missing interfaces. However, there was no appropriate application with this function, so I was responsible to design and create a tool which makes the base of their cooperation, and help in the proper communication between them. It was very important to know the operation of the system well, and the points where the opportunities of expansion and automation are.

In my thesis I present the construction and operation of the programs I am using at work. With examples I illustrate their use, and I place them in the system and examine the relationships between them. I focus on expandability options especially; I design and implement the tool which connects the systems by taking advantage of the better opportunities of these.

The second part of this thesis focuses on the data display. I create an interactive data visualization interface and I present the parts and elements of the dashboard editor tool and I highlight some problems and some lack of functions. Thereafter, I design and create an application which solves some of these problems, and extends the tool with some useful functions. With this program my work will be faster, more accurate and more efficient. Last but not least I create a non-visual component with its property sheet, what is installable in to the editor tool as add-in and helps design in data manipulation behind of the interactive user interface.


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