Developing system for data warehouse testing

OData support
Nagy István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The thesis topic is to develop a support system for data warehouse testing, which can facilitate an existing enterprise data warehouse testing, and the communication between the developer and customer project sides.

In software and other informatics system, the human and other resources is spent for the testing. In business intelligence projects the most common task is to develop a data warehouse or a decision support system. These tasks have different testing methods like common informatics system.

In IT system developing the developers usually runs automatized test, and check the results of the run. In data warehouses, where the most important thing is the stored data, these kind of tests doesn't ensure the right, faultless run, and satisfy the user's expectations. It is necessary to the two project team work together in the testing phase for the manual check of the data stored in the data warehouse.

The IT systems on the market doesn't support these kind of testing and the unique data warehouse development and testing methodologies. The aim is to compile a system, the introduction of the paper which meets the criteria and covers each phase of testing.


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