Possibilities of data warehouse development with Microsoft tools

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

For companies, good decision-making becomes critical. To make good decisions all the relevant data have to be taken into consideration. Data warehouses offer solution to this challenge. A data warehouse collects data form diverse sources and it is constructed to support decision making and analytical reporting. Data warehousing became more and more popular in the recent times. It gives an effective technology to help users understand and enhance their organization's performance.

In my thesis my goal was to develop a datawarehouse with high availability and create ad hoc reports to analyze the stored data. For this task I used the stock data of different companies. During the development I used Microsoft tools.

During my work I set up a clustered environment to provide high availability and I design and create the data warehouse. In the end I design an OLAP cube and I create ad hoc reports from it.

The system I developed is capable of analyze stock market and create ad hoc reports from it.


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