Design of a data driven recipe recommender system

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

I wanted to choose a topic for my thesis, that would be useful not only for my professional improvement but also taking functionality into consideration. I moved away from my parents 4 years ago, and as a consequence there was nobody to cook for me, and I was bored eating chinese food and gyros. So I figured I could cook for myself at home, only I had little freetime, making me to search quick recipes. After a while I found this website, called NoSalty, which is one of the the greatest gastro website in Hungary, and there are a lot of opportunities, quick recipes included. I liked it a lot, and then an idea came to my mind that I would like to develope a recipe themed website. In order to accomplish my goal, I found just the prefect consultant, Balázs Lajtha, and I introduced my idea to him.

The most important part during my work for me was to acquire real knowledge regarding the useful tools for developers. Initially, I thought writing a program in Java, that could collect recipes from NoSalty and upload to my database.

After that I planned to make a webpage, essential to my database, which would be the UI. I was certain I wanted to get to know MVC model, and by using it I found it expedient to use it in PHP for this development. I found a software pack, XAMPP, that supports the model and the programming language too.

Finally, I wanted to try test automation on my webpage with the help of RobotFramework. Earlier I saw some rudimentary tests using that and I found it really fast and effective. I decided that I wanted to learn the ways of using this framework. As RobotFramework is mainly applicable for web testing, my website was a great opportunity trying it out.

I went to my consultant with these plans, and after adding some of his ideas, he accepted my topic, so my work began.


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