Administration web application development for the SensorHub framework

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is a rising demand for web application development with the fast advancement of internet related technologies. The expectations of the users are also increases, they want to use fast, reliable, nice, easy to use web applications. The goal for the webpages opened in browser is to reach the level of user experience and convenience of the traditional desktop applications. There are several technologies helping the developers achieve this.

Working on my thesis I’ve got the opportunity to join a faculty managed project, where I had to develop a web application of this kind. The SensorHUB framework is an Internet of Things application framework. My task was to develop an administrating web application, where users of the system can manage their applications, for example they can set which application has right to which services. Besides this I had to implement a user management system for the administrators of the application.

During the development I got familiar with the Single-Page Application paradigm, which I present later in this document.

I researched the technologies often used for web applications. I choose the ones suitable for my project and studied their operation and learnt how to use them.

This way I got to use the Node.js server side environment and its web application framework, Express.js. Using these I was able to use JavaScript to implement the backend part of my application.

For the web client I chose AngularJS, which is getting developed with support from Google. It is a client side web application framework.

It was my goal from the beginning to work with technologies I had no former experience with, so I could learn new things working on this project.


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