Development of Adobe Flash-based applications for online social networks

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Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis after trying to unviel the social applications success with analyzing them in an economic, socal, and technological view, I have created a real-time shooting strategy, and logical game that perfectly uses the Facebook platform and it’s services. The aim of the game is to defend the player’s bombs by putting wood elements before them, and to destroy the opponent’s bombs with a cannon, that shooting range and angle can be controlled by the player. This gameplay have been proven to be enjoyable, and it is easy to use according to the test users and the real-time shooting part works smoothly and perfecty as expected. The game was created in Adobe Flash, because it is the best way to deliver interactive content on the web, so majority of these games are built on it, and Flash technology can provide real-time data transfer from clients over RTMP protocol provided by Adobe Flash Media Server. In my thesis I demonstrated how Flash Professional CS5 can be used to create stunning cartoon like graphics, and animations, and how can they be accesed via ActionScript programming language, on which the whole game relies. During development the developer always faces problems, that must be solved, so there are some technological solutions in my paper, that can be very useful in other Flash based projects. At the end of this paper the game is tested in a real Facebook enviroment, and I draw the consequneces of Flash based Facebook game development.


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