Affiliate Marketing Portal Using Angular

OData support
Szabó Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays there are many product review channels on YouTube. For a product reviewer, there are many ways to earn money: ads, making sponsored content and affiliate programs.

One of the most popular affiliate program is provided by Amazon. The way it works is that the content creator generates a special link using Amazon’s website for the given product, then he or she places these links into the video description. If a viewer purchases a product on Amazon after clicking on one of these special links, the content creator receives money from Amazon.

Because of that, lots of channels put way too many links in the description, so it becomes harder to find the products shown in the video. The viewers may not know the name of the product which they are looking for, only how it looks like, because they watched the video.

My paper proposes a solution for the problem above. I implemented a social network, which makes it easier to find products shown in a video. Content creators can create individual posts and in these post they can tag each product shown in the video. Instead of links, a product is represented by its name, picture and price.


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