Investigation of affinity type biosensors with surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi)

OData support
Dr. Bonyár Attila
Department of Electronics Technology


Nowadays one of the most frequently used label free optical method in biochemistry is Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) which is capable of real-time monitoring, as well.

The main objective of this paper was to develop a data processing and display software for maintaining SPRi raw data in a user friendly way, and to realise a signal improving measurement for DNA chips based on hybridisation chain reaction (HCR). The measurements are part of a greater project in which the Department of Electronics Technology cooperating with the University of Bologna.

During the semester, the data processing software was designed and developed and functional description together with proper documentation were created for further development, as well. A series of measurements was also planned and carried out, and the data gained from it were processed and the results produced by the new software were compared with the results gained from the data evaluation method (Microsoft Excel 2010) used so far.

Finally, I collected the well-planned operations from the everyday work at the department as standard operating procedures at the end of my paper.


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