Creating agile developing management tool based on Angular and Spring Boot

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Each industry from manufacturing, procurement to software development must adapt to the rapidly changing needs. Various agile methodologies such as lean, kanban, scrum, extreme programming and similar process are designed to provide an effective way to support these dynamic changes and always provide the required amount of products or services based on the customer needs. Utilizing these methods could lead to avoid waste production and grant continuous feedbacks.

For a software development company, it is essential to set-up a proper project and task management system in order to provide the responsible team members and project teams the possibility to monitor their tasks.

Applications design for this purpose are designed not only to monitor single tasks, but also to plan and track them, to check the productivity and supports the management during decision making by automatic report and analysis generation.

The development of such a product is challenging, since the aim is to create an framework that is easy to use by beginner development teams, but still provides the necessary task management functionalities, introduces and helps them to get a basic understanding in the agile methodologies and in its applications.

During this thesis, I will present the main aspects of the realization of such an application, the development steps and the required background information. Introduce the main theoretical and practical applications of the agile methods and detail the cutting-edge technologies that are facilitated during the development. This work helped me to further deepen my knowledge and learn about these modern techniques, which is not only useful for the creation of this diploma work, but a great asset for the different software development methodologies.

I believe that such or similar applications could be a great help for every small or midsized software development teams.


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