Agile development application for iPad

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Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays as the base of the project management methodogy the Scrum product development framework is widely popular, which is increasingly dominant as professional software engineering firms’ management instrument. For example IBM, Microsoft, Google and Apple uses this kind of methodogy.

This is a real demand, to make a software, which makes it easy and simple to handle the daily routine of a Scrum team. It is a big advantage if this software is available for a mobile device, because it is more convenient. The most ideal device is a tablet, which is even more popular nowadays, because it has big enough display, and it has an advanced state operating system. The most widely accepted operating systems are Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS.

During my project I have developed a software, which makes it easy to manage the daily tasks of a Scrum team. This application collaborates with an existing system, which allows the user to make more complex tasks associated with software management. The application provides an easy-to-use tool for the daily meetings to keep the list of the team’s completed and in-progress tasks up-to-date. Because of the simply set-up, this application will not disturb the meeting.

As the platform of the application, I chose Apple’s operating system, because – in my opinion – it is the most suitable environment for the best user experience. Before starting the development, I have got familiar with the base of the Scrum project management methodogy, and the speciality of the iOS operating system (server-side communication, UIViews and UIViewControllers functionality). Then I imagined the application during a daily sprint meeting (stand-up), and planned the application’s user interface, and the skeleton of the software-code.


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