Applying agile methodologies in developing iOS based thin clients

OData support
Suba Gergely
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowdays the number and paste of software developments had grown so much that standard processes needed to change as well. More and more people started to see the potential in IT and outsourced development started to rise as well. It also became increasingly important that the products would fullfill all the needs and meet all the expectations defined by the customer, even if these needs change during the extended development process. Agile methodologies and their core values are set to address these problems.

Parallelly, while in the last 6-8 years developing for different exotic mobile platforms was a curiosity, the world has changed a lot by now. In an environment where we carry around devices that have lot more computational capability than the first spaceship landing on the Moon than it is not a curiosity anymore but rather an opportunity. More and more people realize this - escalating the number of developments targeting mobile platforms.

Merger of these two trends raies questions and problems to which answers are not simple or at least they require a different mindset. Luckily none of the two problems are new so we can build on stable bases when creating a system adequate to the development style and needs.

In my thesis I will be presenting the steps for building a development environment that executes the most possible processes automatically. The most important of these processes is the quality assuarence for our application meaning the preparation and running of different test cases. I will be paying particular attention to different main components of a modern application needing checks, the difficulties that these may hold and the efficient solutions to these problems.


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