Developing an Agile Project Management Application

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Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays agile methods like Scrum or Kanban are becoming the standard approach to develop new products. These agile methods are widely popular among professional software engineering firms, but they can be found in other (not necessarily software engineering) firms' management instruments.

In order to successfully finish a project while using an agile model, it is recommended to use a project management system which can handle planning, prioritization and tracking. With the right management product you will be able to estimate the size of the project at any moment.

In my essay I will show you the process of developing the ScrumMate project management application, I will pan out about development decisions and I will introduce the system. I will show you the process of Continous Delivery and Continous Deployment and I will review how I implemented the Continous Delivery process during the development of the ScrumMate system.


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