Agile software engineering for HANA

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

This thesis will present the quality assurance side of an innovative HANA project at the SAP AG multinational software corporation on the Product Life-Cycle Management component. In addition, the specific objects of a HANA environment and their testing possibilites will be mentioned. I will also present the testing tools and types which can be used, for example unit test and integration test.

Testing activities will be realized by two different programming languages. One of them is ABAP which is the own language of SAP AG, while the other one is JavaScript which is an object-based, interpreted programming language used mostly in web browsers. Their frameworks will be presented in a very detailed way.

Afterwards, I will pick up an example object from the HANA environment and I will introduce the theory and practice of performance testing on it. I have created an example program for determining the execution speed of the previously created calculation view, compared to the speed of the existing application’s functionalty written in ABAP. This is necessary because at SAP AG, the particular functions must comply with several product standard and the most important is the Performance product standard. For passing this standard, we have to have a huge amount of test data, which must be created by us.

Finally, there will be a short and general introduction on automating the automated tests and their different kinds of result reporting. We will analyze two kinds of plugins, created by SAP AG, with which we can easily practise the method of continuous integration.


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