Assisting Agile Software Development with a Business Intelligence System

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, when using the Scrum agile methodology which is spreading more and more, it is important for the development team to choose the project management software which is suitable for the team and properly follows the Scrum rules. The existing systems lets the team manage their task estimation and it only stores the value that is accepted by the whole team.

My thesis concept is making a project management system which not only manages the effort estimated by the team and the actual effort, it also allows the storage of each individual team member's estimation. To accomplish these functions, a web based application is supported by a mobile app, like this the everyday work is helped by an easily manageable web UI while the estimation process is supported by a mobile client. The effort estimation of the tasks bear a huge significance, because it broadly states how much time each task will take so with the making of proper statistics we can help the job of the developers and the managers. For this, we create report using the effort estimations from the two applications with the help of a Business Intelligence system.

During my work I studied the agile methodology emphasizing on Scrum and also researched the different software and non-software based solutions. After my investigation I planned the structure of the system and its components. The result of the implementation phase was a web based Scrum project management application with a supporting Android client. A data warehouse with an OLAP cube was built on the data provided by these two systems. The original data was migrated into this structure with E-LT processes. A business intelligence system was created, with multiple reports on the OLAP cube.


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