Agile methodology in requirements engineering and application development

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Software development processes require appropriate methods during the requirement analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance and support. Besides the traditional waterfall method, there are several conditions, e.g. product development, when the emerging agile methods have reasonable importance.

Regarding to the agile software development projects, there are several trends, practices and tools. The different characteristics of software projects require the appropriate subset of these practices and tools. Therefore, it is worth to prepare for the frequently occurring similar project characteristics and suggest agile software projects tool recommendations.

In the thesis I present the main practices and tools of the agile software development. The properties of software projects are also identified.

Regarding to the most general software project characteristics, I have defined four common cases. I have proposed agile tools and practices for these cases.

I have created an application, which taking into account the project property conditions provides a suggestions, i.e. what type of tools and practices are recommended to apply.


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