Diploma thesis design 1

OData support
Ugron Ádám Jenő
Department of Hydrodynamic Systems


The goal of the study is to gather information about the flow and fluid dynamics processes in intracranial aneurysms extracted from angiographic DICOM images.


We generate numerical meshes based on the prepared DICOM images. After defining the boundary conditions we simulate the blood flow in the intracranial aneurysm. The process takes three heart cycles into consideration each of which is 0.8 sec long.


After the calculation is finished with the post processing we represent the pressure distribution in systolic and diastolic phases by images. The streamlines and the wall shear stress distribution are visualized by animations. The velocity vectors are represented on two different planes defined in the aneurysm at the last time cycle.


The prospective aim of the study to analyze the connection of the anamnesis and the flow processes in the aneurysms with the help of a large number of cases. The final goal is to help radiologists, surgeons in decisions on diagnostics, intervention or therapy based on the statistical data and by studying the actual case.


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