Investigation of functional properties of intracranial aneurysm flow diverter devices

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Károly Dóra
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Heart and vascular diseases leads the mortal statistics all over the world. WHO’s data of 2012 shows that they cause every third of mortal happenings. In that group of diseases the biggest problems are the dilated parts of the vessels, called aneurysms. One of the biggest dangers that they involve is the risk of rupturing of the attenuated wall of the artery. In complications caused by the rupturing of the aneurysm 15% of patients die before they get to the hospital. As in case of other diseases we need to try for developing minimal invasive treating strategies. The various endovascular methods as coil occlusion and flow diverter stenting are used to reach this aim.

The last years’ newest achievement in endovascular treatment of intra-arterial dilations of the brain are the intra aneurysmal flow diverter implants (WEB). The spheroidal device made of thicket web-rope is being taken into the inner part of the dilated artery altering the dynamic fluid changing of the blood vessel and the aneurysm. The virtue is that there’s nothing placed into the lumen of the artery so there’s no need to give long anticoagulation therapy. Because of the device’s novelty there’s a small range of bibliography, so there are lots of ways to make investigations.

In clinical practice are often choose a larger implant than the aneurysm (medical term over-sizing), so when the device is implanted is exposed to deforming effect. In my work I examined the changing of compressibility and metalic surface area (MSA) in various inner sized WEB implants. Of the 20 specimens I worked with I took stereo microscopic snapshots in axial and radial angles to determine real geometrical data and MSA values. The effect what shape-changing caused in MSA values I observed by taking implants into various inner diametric glass tubes. I did axial and radial compressibility tests. In view of measuring results the connecting parameters in the size of shape changing and MSA changing can be found in various angled pressure tests. As a result of these examines the transmission which causes pressure and permanent shape changing of the device will be countable. Based on the results of the study the effect of over sizing can be stated in case of variable implant geometries.


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