Recommendation and Review System Design

OData support
Dr. Tapolcai János
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The recommendation systems are very popular these days, because it simplifies and speeds up for people to find the right item.

To prepare my thesis, I was curious about the opinion of the students, that how easy it is to find topics from the themes of the Project laboratory course and I also asked them about a review system. The poll revealed that it is difficult to find the right topic and a system would be helpful, where they could comment on teachers and teachers could also reply.

For these reasons, it has been suggested that we create a system, where students can easily browse between the right topics and the thesis supervisors. Moreover, the necessity of creating a review system, where former students can review their teachers also came up.

During my thesis I investigated a few pages regarding anonymity, opinion viability and transparency. It revealed that there isn’t any right website for us.

First, I designed the basics of the recommendation system and the review system. While developing the review system, I discussed the implementation of specific security issues and data storage.

After developing the systems I got acquainted with various web programming languages, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. Then, I presented the surface of the developing system.

Finally, I implemented the review system based on the plans, then I delivered the codes to my consultant, who activated it.


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