Development of a web based configuration interface for a recommender system using Java and JavaScript based technologies

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The RECO, developed by Gravity Research & Development Ltd., is a recommendation system, which provides personal recommendations for various platforms. The clients of the company consist of various content providers and webshops from all over the world. My responsibility was to design and implement the base structure of the control panel application for the RECO.

When the project started, there was an application available for configuring the recommender system, which was developed in Java/GWT. That application was not modifiable and extendable enough for the newly approaching needs. Therefore a new need has been formed to develop an application with better capabilities for satisfy those demands. The languages and tools used for developing the application (Java, JavaScript) were selected to support custom development needs.

The application provides support for the work of integrators. The role of the integrators is to import client data to RECO, and configure the RECO input and output interface. The input interface is for getting events and data from the client’s system. The output interface is for providing recommendations for the client.

The application should provide clean and well-structured user interface for the client to simplify the configuration for the system, and minimalize the need of human resources when a change in the configuration is necessary. Deep level of customization should be available for the developers, to support development for previously unseen demands, like extend, or limit access for parts, and options of the system.

Since the application will be deployed for distinct servers per client, only two user roles will be defined: integrator and client. The integrator roles are extended client roles, because the integrator has to configure the features provided to the client.


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