Analysis of active semiconductor device failures

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Dr. Németh Pál
Department of Electronics Technology

I am working in Continental Automotive Huntary (CAH), in location Budapest. My thesis based in CAH 's electric failure methods. The main theme is the faulure descriptions, analyses, and the root couse of the faulire.

Nowdays it’s very important to detect all of the defected parts in the intrustry of automotive. In electrical devices has a lot of failure modes. In this document, show one of the important failing method the EOS (Electrical Over Stress) and /ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) wich is above 30% of the failure of all activ semiconductor parts. The document shows 3 study cases of the EOS/ESD, and rules, instructions how to solve the EOS/ESD problems.

In my thesis I show 3 study cases.

1st study case was, for knowledgement, in this kind of failure method, and how to solve the EOS/ESD problems.

2nd study case, I work int the team SQM (Supplier Quality Managemet) to solve the problem. To solve the EOS problem it was taken more than 6 month.

3rd study case I was also in SQM team, to solve the active semi conductor problem, (also closed in 8D report as EOS) and I was work in the Process Engineer team to. In SQM focused in the semi conducor, in Process Engineer team focused the reflow process quality and the PCB.


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