Investigation of an active front-end converter-fed induction motor drive

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my work I analyze an active front end induction motor drive. Firstly, I review the types of network flow controllers, theoretical background and operation. Then, I make measurements on a previously assembled active (network-friendly) voltage source regenerative drive system.

In the first section I briefly describe the basic functions of the inverters, the most important features and advantages. Then I concentrate on the voltage source frequency converters. I describe the structure, the operation and the features. Then I compare the traditional system and the network-friendly supply/regen system that uses PWM techniques to transmit energy to/from the DC link. I advert briefly to the control and regulation of the network-friendly current controllers and to it's modern solution.

In the second part I present with measurements a system whitch is ready for operation.

In the third part, I set open-loop and later closed-loop control. Then I compare the two operating modes. I certify with measurements the correctness of the settings.


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