Development of microcontroller based activity tracking wristwatch

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the widespread use of the Internet, the affordable price and the popularity of the smart devices the continuous online presence is becoming the vital part of our lives.

The amount of time spent using these devices and their effect on the users raise serious social and privacy issues: we can talk about technology-addiction, the shift caused in the social relationships, the anxiety caused by social media and the conglomerates which are aware of every part of our lives and willing to monetize this data.

However, this technology has its bright side as well: the smartphones can improve our lives in numerous ways. One among these is the ability to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.

In my thesis I introduce the design process of a smart device which is able to collect activity data from its user and is able to transfer this data to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

First, I analyze the devices available on the market, then based on this information I create the specification of the gadget. Then I introduce the process of choosing the proper components and parts and the design process of the schematic.

Then I showcase the printed circuit board and the challenges I faced assembling the device.

In the second part of the paper I introduce my consideration about the software development process and the actual software what I developed for the device.

In the last chapter I evaluate the work done and I give some suggestions about the possible further improvements.


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