Actuator control development for Eurobot contest

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Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of Budapest University of Technology and Economics maintains a team since years to take part in the annual Eurobot robotics contest. The competition, held every spring is preceded by months of preparation, during which members of the team design and build new robots with mechanical structures optimized for the rules and tasks of the upcoming contest. Also, the software controlling the new robots has to be written in this period of time.

The development work can be simplified and sped up by re-using as much as possible from both the hardware and software of previous year’s robots, therefore it is possible to design our software as reusable as possible. To comply with this requirement, an embedded software framework was created to provide a generic implementation for the control of all actuators used by our future robots. The development of this framework is described in this thesis.

The thesis provides an overview of the common requirements specified for the actuators of the robots developed by the team, to be fulfilled by the newly designed framework. The second part stands as the documentation of the complete software, providing instructions on how to use it when developing specific actuators for future robots. In the end, the workflow of designing control algorithms using system identification is described along with its results.


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