Evaluation of acoustical elements

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Nagy Attila Balázs
Department of Networked Systems and Services

This thesis evaluates the effects of acoustic elements on the room acoustic parameters by the help of acoustic simulations and measurements.

One of the two measurement locations can be considered an ideal reverberation room where I have placed double-sided turnable acoustic panels. One side of each panel is covered by filamentary sound absorber material, whilst their other side is a diffuser. The second location is a sound studio under construction.

I have performed measurements in these locations using swept sine and MLS techniques. The empty state and the acoustic elements-contained state of the rooms were both measured. I used swept sine for identifying the steady-state waves in the sound studio.

Models of the above described locations were created in an acoustic modelling software. The software uses geometric modelling method named ray tracing method which I have also introduced in my thesis. I have compared the results of the model simulations and of the measurements. Furthermore the review of the relevant basic acoustic parameters and the concepts and steps of sound studio building is given, and the basics of acoustic elements like sound absorptions materials, resonators, bass traps and diffusers are introduced.


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