Acoustic impedance measurements and numerical optimisation of the placement of sound absorbing panels

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Mócsai Tamás
Department of Networked Systems and Services

When it comes to designing sound recording studios or rehearsal rooms, the optimal placement of sound absorbing materials is crucial, so we can achieve a room with good acoustic properties. Most solutions are based on experience or on rules of thumb, methods involving mathematical approaches are not widely used. This is often related to the fact that the parameters of the sound absorbing materials are given in third octave bands which is a significant approximation compared to the complex acoustic impedance involved in calculations. This way results are not adequate.

In my paper I'm going to implement a complex system which involves these two topics; the optimization of placement of sound absorbing panels and acoustic impedance measurement. First I'm going to deal with the theoretical background of acoustic impedance measurement, and then present the numerical optimization task, involving the mathematical apparatus of the implemented solutions. In the next part the measurement setup is presented in detail. Finally I'm going to deal with the implemented system, its application and tests carried out showing its functionality.


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