Development of an Acoustic DOA Estimation Algorithm

OData support
Molnár Károly
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

These days there is a high demand for sound localization. Acoustic camera systems, which contain lots of microphones, may be used for this purpose. Using these instruments, it is possible to gain an acoustic image without having to put microphones directly on the surface. An acoustic image can be gain using the microphones' signals.

Using the microphones' signals, there are several ways to localize objects. In general, the methods can be categorized into: nearfield acoustic holography (NAH), acoustic beamforming, and inverse methods. The acoustic beamforming (finite focus distance, and infinite focus distance beamforming) is the most popular sound localization method.

After introducing the sound localization techniques and methods, this thesis report demonstrates a sound localization algorithm in MATLAB environment. I localized incoming direction of simulated sound sources using this algorithm. Finally, I built a microphone array, and I made measurements to localize real sound sources.


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