Improving close-range detection performance in an acoustical position measurement system

OData support
Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The aim of this thesis is to investigate the “Acoustic Cancel-Out” function, a new Bosch-developed feature, which is planned to be used in acoustic position measurement sensors. The function was designed to improve the close-range performance, making it possible to detect acoustic reflections from objects down to practically “zero distance”.

Within the thesis, a framework called Sensor Development Framework (SDF) was designed and implemented for supporting the sensor development at Bosch. The implementation consists of two parts, a software library and a hardware interface. These together became a widely used tool of the Acoustic Position Measurement Sensor development at Bosch.

The SDF makes possible a quick and flexible configuration of different kind of measurements. This is a MatLab script-based environment, where the sensor configuration and the measurements can be controlled using high-level commands. The software communicates with a hardware interface card – also developed in this work – which is responsible for the realization of the physical layer of the sensor communication.

Besides developing the SDF, there was active participation in the work of the sensor development team, by measuring and analyzing different aspects of the Acoustic Cancel-Out feature.

The results of the investigations showed that the functionality can become a “key feature” of the sensor for applications which require precise detection of very close objects.


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