Acoustic sensor board design with FPGA

OData support
Raikovich Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Because of their low prices and high processing capacity, the programmable logic devices (FPGAs) becomes popular in time- and performance critical systems. But there are tasks that are difficult to implement with these, therefore it can be useful to combine the FPGAs with processor systems, which are able to execute software. Integrated circuits like this, which contains FPGA and hard-core processor as well, are also available in market with low prices.

In my thesis, I use a Xilinx device named Zynq to solve the localization problem as a measurement task. The solution includes hardware (in this case microphone) matching, what can be implemented in an FPGA suitably, and signal processing too, which is a manageable task in software.

The other part of this thesis is the embedded version of the Linux, the software part will be running on this operation system.

The goal is to create a system, what is able to determine the position of a sound source real-time, and which makes easier to improve and connect itself to another system via Linux.

At the end, I am going to summarize the measurements of the final system to detail the weaknesses and review the improvement probabilities.


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