Development of low and high level instruction set for robot hockey team

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis was the part of the robot hockey project. Creating a robot team which plays hockey, that is the goal of the project. Considering the plans, this team will contain three modules. The first module is the image processing unit which calculates the robot positions and orientations from the images of two cameras. The second module would be the strategy. This unit calculates the next step of the robots on the basis of the robot positions and orientations. The low level commands forms the third module. This three modules has to be integrated, this is the fourth task. My project was the last two ones.

So I had to create or upgrade the modules which perform the low level communication with the robots. Therefore I upgraded the firmware for the robots and realized a protocol for the low level radio communication. Moreover I created an instruction set and an USB based transmitter hardware.

However the integration task was the major part of my work. I created a central server module. This unit receives the data and commands from other modules and sends the information back to the modules. As a summary, it realizes the data routes between the modules and controls the game. I created interfaces to the image processing module and to the transmitter modules. I could not realize an interface to the team strategy because no strategy has been created yet. So my task was to create a good instruction set for the strategies. This instruction set will form the interface of the strategy to the server. I created two simple strategies in order to prove that my instruction set is applicable and to show an application example. These two strategies are not so intelligent but they make visible the logic of the instruction set.


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